Yaralla Subscription

Do you like to go to the gym, have a relaxing game of golf with your mates, see the latest blockbuster movie on the big screen, play the odd game of tennis or squash or even go for a dip at the local pool?

If this is you then the GEA in conjunction with the Yaralla Sports Club are offering you and/or your employees the best of both worlds. Any member of the GEA and their direct employees can sign up to join this excellent package.

If you are interested in taking this up, the costs associated with this membership are very worthwhile in that you only pay $2.10 per day (GST inc) for all unlimited use of the above mentioned. You can sign up a 12 month membership and there is no exit fees if you decide not to renew at the end of your package term.

Don’t just keep this to yourself, share it with your co-workers as they also eligible to join this fantastic package as direct employees as well.

Please complete the details below and we will set up your Yaralla Subscription and send you an invoice.


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