Gladstone Area Water Board

The Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) is a Queensland government-owned bulk water supplier, delivering raw water and drinking water to local industries and the Gladstone Regional Council.

The primary source of water for the Gladstone region is Lake Awoonga, the fourth largest water storage in Queensland. 

The Awoonga High Dam, which creates the Lake Awoonga impoundment on the Boyne River, is owned and operated by GAWB.

Water is an essential input into our local industries. GAWB supplies about 101 mega litres of water to Gladstone each day from Lake Awoonga, 70% of which is supplied directly to industry as raw water.

GAWB also owns, operates and maintains the bulk raw and drinking water distribution mains and reservoirs and two drinking water treatment plants. We treat about 35,000,000 litres of drinking water (about 14 Olympic sized swimming pools) each day.

We then supply drinking water to the Gladstone Regional Council, who delivers it to residential customers via their reticulation system.

At GAWB, we are committed to ensuring our community has access to clean, safe drinking water that is cost effective and we work closely with our stakeholders to make this happen.

In addition to its water supply infrastructure, GAWB owns and manages the recreational facilities at Lake Awoonga including picnic shelters and BBQ facilities, walking trails, playgrounds and boat ramps.

GAWB also owns and operates the Gladstone Fish Hatchery where Barramundi, Mangrove Jack and Sea Mullet are bred to re-stock Lake Awoonga each year.