Queensland Energy Resources

Queensland Energy Resources (QER)  is an Australian company seeking to address looming shortfalls of conventional transport fuel through sustainable development of Queensland’s rich and well-located kerogen deposits.

Based in Brisbane, QER has tenements over Australia’s largest such deposits, containing the equivalent of 18 billion barrels of oil, well-suited to producing high quality transport fuels like diesel and aviation fuel.

QER has proven the Paraho ‘surface retorting’ technology to develop the deposits, after extensive trials, on the basis of clean, stable, consistent and reliable operating performance.

In 2011, the company has successfully commissioned and operated a Paraho II™technology demonstration plant near Gladstone in Queensland, for over two years. The project was based on the Stuart deposit which alone contains some 1.6 billion barrels. The rock is mined in a simple open cut operation and then heated in a processing plant to produce synthetic crude oil, which is then refined into fuel products.

QER’s plant design incorporates technologies to clean up gas and water produced in the process to very high standards, while extracting commercial by-products such as ammonium sulphate fertiliser and clean water. QER has also conducted trials on the site showing how a commercial mine would be progressively filled in and revegetated.

The plant produced ultra-low sulphur diesel and aviation fuel for product testing, along with small quantities of naphtha and fuel oil. In 2013, QER produced 35,000 litres of ultra-low sulphur diesel for regional truck road trials, and 15,000 litres of aviation fuel for testing and certification. 

The company is now working on the next stage of our project, a small scale commercial plant located on the Stuart deposit.