Industry works towards being Safer Together at the Gladstone Supply Chain Expo

DESPITE stringent safety procedures across Australian worksites, as of 21 March, 30 Australian workers have been killed at work in 2019.

To promote safety at work and to combat the number of injuries and death, the 2019 theme for the Gladstone Supply Chain Expo is ‘Working Safer Together’ and the GEA are proud to have the team from Safer Together at this year’s Expo to promote a safer workplace.

GEA chief executive officer Julie Gelder said Safer Together plays a pivotal role in defining how industry moves forward.

Active participation by all companies working in the industry will be key to building a  safer work environment” Ms Gelder said.

“Safer Together operate within common geographical areas in Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory, which involves many overlaps with communities and regulators. 

As Safer Together use similar technologies with common hazards and risks the not-for-profit organisation believe that in terms of safety industry must be seen as one industry and not separate companies.

Ms Gelder said as a result, collaboration on safety is a natural outcome and as the industry matures there is a need to engage senior leaders in building a culture to foster continual safety improvements.

“The benefits for all the collaborating companies are clear common standards and tools, together with shared expectations of implementation,” Ms Gelder said.

“Our industry’s ability to shift safety performance is therefore much stronger if everyone aligns on a consistent approach.

“Alignment of companies working is fundamental for building long-term partnerships – industry need to all be pulling in the same direction when tackling safety performance improvement.”

The Safer Together team will exhibit their capabilities and promote a safer workplace during the Gladstone Supply Chain Expo on April 10.

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