GEA call for CQ politicians to make their position clear on the Galilee Basin and coal

THE Gladstone Engineering Alliance (GEA) is calling on all politicians looking at being elected at the federal election on May 18 to join the GEA and declare their support for the immediate opening of the Galilee Basin and jobs for Central Queensland.

GEA chief executive officer Julie Gelder said with the upcoming federal election it’s important to know where local political candidates stand on supporting- growth opportunities and potential for the Galilee Basin.

“The Galilee Basin is situated on the doorstep of Central Queensland and there are several mines that could proceed with Adani’s Carmichael Mine the first that must receive approval,” Ms Gelder said.

“These mining projects would generate more than 15,000 direct jobs and up to $40 billion in taxes, helping to fund more schools, hospitals and public services in Queensland communities.”

The GEA believe that despite the possible generation of more than 15,000 direct jobs and nearly 10 years of approval processes and failed activist appeals, not one mine has turned sod. Instead of action the GEA see some politicians bending to southern activism which represents a long-term risk to not just the Galilee Basin, but to Central Queensland’s economy.

Ms Gelder said the GEA have written to local politicians and political candidates to provide their view of the future economic growth of the Galilee Basin and if they are supportive of the coal industry continuing to provide economic opportunities.

“GEA is the peak industry body representing engineering, manufacturing and resource companies in Central Queensland and it’s our role to present opportunities to achieve sustainable growth and diversity for the region,” Ms Gelder said.

“Many GEA members and the greater SME supply chain benefit from and directly contract to the mining industry. This growth opportunity in the Galilee Basin will provide opportunities for Central Queensland businesses and assist to strengthen our local economy.”

Ms Gelder added the Galilee Basin is an important part of Central Queensland’s economic future and the call to action is about jobs for Central Queenslanders now and for generations to come.

“It is vitally important to know the differing political views prior to the federal election as it will assist us to plan for the future and work with our members to source opportunities within the coal industry,” she said.

“We are asking politicians to join with us and pledge their support to the immediate opening of the Galilee Basin.”

Picture:  GEA chief executive officer Julie Gelder.

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