Psychological Safety with Anton Guinea

9:30am Tuesday, 5 May 2020
10:30am Tuesday, 5 May 2020
Gladstone Engineering Alliance
4/69 Goondoon St
Gladstone, Queensland 4680

GEA members are invited to join us for a FREE virtual learning event with The Guinea Group's Anton Guinea. In this event Anton will cover how:

  • Engagement equals wellness which equals productivity

    • A leader that puts the emotional wellbeing of their team first will continue to foster high performance - regardless of the work place scenario. With Anton, and through 'connection not direction' based communication, you will learn how to engage and create a safe emotional environment for your team. 
  • The adapt and adopt effect

    • In a world where change is seen as a burden (and considered a major workplace stressor), leaders that can help staff build up their Adaptability Quotient will create forward focused teams. With Anton you will learn how to help your team understand that change is inevitable, but that growth is optional, and that through forward focus we eliminate fear.
  • Psychological Safety

    • Fear drives behaviour. Fear of failure is one thing. Fear of ridicule or embarrassment is another thing completely. We are wired for self-protection - both in terms of our physical safety and our emotional wellbeing. With Anton you will learn how to encourage your team members to take risks and be honest about outcomes in an environment free from the 'fear of failing'. Once you are able to do this you will see productivity and team effectiveness increase exponentially. 

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