The Gladstone Globe - Interactive Visual Walkway Project

7:00am Wednesday, 31 October 2018
12:00pm Monday, 31 December 2018
Gladstone Engineering Alliance
4/69 Goondoon St
Gladstone, Queensland 4680


The Gladstone Globe is  a  21st  century virtual  world  experience promoting  the Gladstone region and will heavily feature the industries that service our region.

It is GEA's vision The Gladstone Globe will  be used as an economic tool to attract  industry, business and families to the Gladstone region to not only live, work and play, but to invest in our region, and will focus on creating compelling stories to engage businesses, communities, organisations and tourists in a digital earth visualisation engine.

Gladstone Engineering Alliance has proposed the City Arcade at 69 Goondoon Street Gladstone be created as a space that can be utilised by investors, industry, the public, tourists  and local community with the aim of assisting Gladstone in its economic growth,   through  an Interactive Visual Walkway featuring The Gladstone Globe.

Given the  prime  location  in the  heart of the  Gladstone CBD, and closeness to  other  professional businesses,  major  stakeholders,  banks, cafes, the library  and the  Gladstone  Entertainment   and Convention Centre, the Interactive Visual Walkway and The Gladstone Globe will assist to reshape the city centre into a vibrant,  lively and unique place as well as provide growth  in visitor  numbers and stimulate the local economy. This project will build a stronger regional community through job creation, the use of local suppliers, goods and services and create longer-term  benefits to the Gladstone region.

The  Interactive  Visual Walkway  and The Gladstone  Globe will  be used as a marketing,  industry engagement  and tourism  promotion  tool.   This novel approach to  business engagement, tourism, community and integrates leading edge visualisation, display technologies, software tools and motion sensor technology to capture Gladstone's valuable trade and investment  opportunities  in a state-of-the-art  digital earth visualisation engine. 

We estimate around 20,000 visitors through cruise ships visitors, new investors and locals will access The Gladstone Globe and the Interactive Visual Walkway, generating a large number of visitors to the arcade and providing exposure for your business that could generate potential new business opportunities.

We estimate the number of visitors will increase significantly over the next few years as we continue to add information  to The Gladstone Globe.

As a valued member, GEA is offering your business the opportunity  to support this exciting and world class project that is the first of its kind outside the SE corner of Queensland, for a small marketing fee of $1,000, which allows your business to  be showcased through  GEA's Interactive Visual Walkway, for  12 months within  the Gladstone Globe.

GEA is also offering  its members the opportunity  to take up a further  two years after the first year, for a locked in marketing fee of $2,000.

To secure your business as part of The Gladstone Globe please contact GEA on 4972 9060 or email

For more details about The Gladstone Globe please click this link

$1,000.00 *
$1,000.00 *
* Price includes GST where applicable

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