GEA Industry Awards

Each year as the capstone to the annual GEA Major Industry Conference, the Gladstone Engineering Alliance Industry Awards are presented at the Conference Gala Dinner in October. There are three distinct awards that celebrate those who strive for, and embody excellence in business in the Gladstone Region.


Hall of Fame

The GEA is proud to present the Industry Hall of Fame Award, established to recognise those outstanding individuals or businesses that can be held up as role models for the business community in Central Queensland.

2013 - Bob McCosker

Bob is an accomplished businessman with over 30 years of experience in the civil contracting industry. After completing his qualifications as a surveyor Bob spent many years working in all areas of civil construction both in Australia and overseas. Bob came to Gladstone in 1979 where he was employed on the first stage of the Boyne Smelter. He worked for several Gladstone companies before founding McCosker Contracting in 1995. Since this time Bob’s intimate knowledge of the construction industry has been the driving force behind the company’s successful growth.

The company specialises in civil contracting with projects currently underway on some of Queensland’s largest developments. Bob remains the business owner, Managing Director and driving force behind McCosker Contracting.

Bob has a passion for success and has turned his business of just 12 employees into a large company working on major projects and employing hundreds of local people. Taking a look around the Gladstone community, dozens of projects and organisations that have been positively impacted by Bob’s donations of time, talent and treasure are evident.

What is significant about Bob’s community involvement is that it often goes far beyond contributing. Time and again, he has been the person who has taken the lead and spearheaded projects. During his time in Gladstone, Bob has become increasingly passionate about the community and has supported many worthy events and organisations.

McCosker Contracting’s great success has been achieved through an open, honest and productive culture. There is a commitment to common business objectives with clients in order to deliver a product and service that exceeds expectations. McCoskers success is widely recognised by peers and industry and they are ranked among some of the top private companies in Queensland.

Colin Walz2012 - Colin Walz

 Recognising him as one of the most influential businessmen in Central Queensland and success in building one of the most  successful privately owned construction and maintenance companies in Queensland. His leadership and business philosophies have been central to the company’s evolution from a one-man band to a respected Tier 2 contractor that specialises in complex projects.

Colin Walz commenced business in 1976 as a sub-contractor through the provision of construction labour services to larger engineering and construction companies. The Walz Construction Group has grown from these humble beginnings to be a leading industrial construction service provider throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

In the 1980’s Colin adapted his business model to become a primary contractor. When he experienced customer service being affected by the performance of other suppliers, he established his own fabrication workshop, paint shop, and specialist piping and engineering workshops. More recently, the company has established marine, civil and electrical divisions.

Today, the Walz Group employs over 400 staff; and possesses an integrated construction and maintenance service offering to blue chip clients across the mining, energy and infrastructure sectors of Queensland and New South Wales.

Cyril  2011 – Cyril Golding

Under Cyril’s leadership Golding Contractors has played a prominent role in shaping the economic development and prosperity of Queensland, undertaking many major civil infrastructure projects and mining developments. Cyril’s voluntary contribution to community life has been so significant that he is often referred to as Mr Gladstone.

Cyril started his business from humble beginnings and developed the company into what would eventually become one of Queensland's largest privately owned civil infrastructure and mining services companies.

Cyril first started the business in 1942, in Gladstone as a sole trader and was initially involved in the logging industry. The business expanded and during the 1960's was incorporated as Cyril Golding Earthmoving Pty Ltd and continued to expand in the range and scope of projects undertaken. In 1990, the company name was changed to Golding Contractors Pty Ltd to better reflect the broadening scope of the company's activities.

 Golding had significant growth and expansion during the 1990s and 2000s, undertaking projects associated with major industrial plants, mine construction works and contract mining. In 2007, Cyril Golding retired and in the following year the company was purchased by CHAMP Private Equity.

 Today, Golding runs one of the largest privately owned mining and earthmoving fleets in Queensland and continues to provide quality contracting services to a range of high profile and valued clients.

In November 2012, at the age of 92, Cyril Golding passed away, leaving a legacy of the significant entrepreneurial and philanthropic achievements he made throughout Queensland - particularly to the Gladstone community.


Forty Calis Memorial Award

The Forty Calis Memorial Award recognises the achievements of an individual who has demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit to gain business success in the engineering and support sector.

2015 -  XPort Plumbing - Cliff Pugh, Mark Whitmore and Steve Kelly.

Xport Plumbing was established in 2008 when directors Steve Kelly, Mark Whitmore and Cliff Pugh joined forces. As three highly experienced plumbers they offer a wealth of local knowledge and expertise in plumbing and gas fitting with proven reputations for quality workmanship. All three Directors were born and bred in Gladstone and have previously owned their own plumbing businesses.

2014 -  Adam Balkin - AB Marine Services

Born and bred in Gladstone, Adam is a role model as one of the young businessmen this town has continued to produce.  Todays' young businessmen and women are tomorrow's community leaders and Adam displays wisdom far beyond his years. Starting out from modest beginnings in 2008 with a small research vessel and one staff, Adam has taken stock of the opportunities Gladstone has offered and now employs over 30 people and has recently purchased The Curtis Ferry Service business to grow his fleet to over twenty vessels.

A young entrepreneur who's foresight and courage to pursue his ambitions in the marine industry has been a success, Adam continue to set greater goals for himself and his team.

2013 – Derek Berg – Berg Engineering

Berg Engineering was founded 40 years ago by Roger Berg. Roger’s son Derek is now eager to build the business that his father started. Derek focuses on relationship building and delivering serious value.

Berg has made something of a speciality of servicing blue chip clients with maintenance and refurbishment of critical assets like pumps, valves and gear boxes. Berg foster good relationships with big blue chip clients, because of their ability to deliver value in terms of reducing maintenance and operational costs as a result of engineering work that they do.

Derek has brought new capability into the business, which is being reformatted from a small, geographically focused business to a larger, more nationally focused enterprise.

2012 – Terry Purcell – Purcell’s Engineering

In recognition of a true entrepreneur who with determination and a strong knowledge of the local region and needs of businesses has built one of the  largest and most well equipped machine shops and lineboring businesses in the CQ region who continually support the local community, local industry and the Queensland mining industry.

Starting in 1996, Terry Purcell, started the locally owned and operated Purcell's Lineboaring and Engineering from scratch with a ute, a trailer and a shed. With the support of his wife Kym, Terry has dedicated the last 15 years building and expanding the business.

Purcell's completed a huge expansion in 2010 which included the purchase of new equipment and employment of new specialised staff and apprentices.

2011 – Boris Antic – Gladstone Pressure Welders

Gladstone Pressure Welders was established by its founder, Boris Antic, in 1982. Since then the Company has grown to become one of the region’s leading engineering companies specialising in the construction, gas, petro-chemical and mining industries. Boris and the team strive to provide quality products combined with excellent service with the aim of meeting, and wherever possible exceeding, clients needs.


Wayne Peachey Memorial Award

The Wayne Peachey Memorial Award pays tribute to an individual known for their quality in service or product.  The award recognises an outstanding individual who embodies a “quality comes first” attitude in their sector.

2015 – Scott Harrington - Xtreme Engineering

Scott Harrington served his apprenticeship at Barney Point Engineering in Gladstone in the early 90’s under long time local business identity Nick Schedny.

Scott’s passion for his trade and drive for providing a quality product and service was etched from these early days in his apprenticeship. If a job is not worth doing properly it’s not worth doing at all.

It was this focus and the support of Gladstone that lead to endless opportunities within the field, while gaining experience performing works on various coal mines and dragline shutdowns.

These opportunities were due to Scott’s desire to achieve and provide nothing but the best product and outcome while proudly being able to say that he came from Gladstone, the hub of industrial tradespersons in Queensland. Scott has never forgotten where his ground roots are and has been lucky enough to pass the opportunities, attributes and drive for quality that he was given as a young apprentice to many apprentices through Xtreme Engineering Pty Ltd.  We all know these young tradespeople are the future of Gladstone and our industry.

The key to his success, and the success of Gladstone in this ever-changing tough market place is to stay ambitious, dynamic, responsive and optimistic in business.

2014 – Ken Corfield – Corfield’s Electrical

Ken Corfield has more than 39 years’ experience in the Electrical Contracting Industry. Starting his Electrical Apprenticeship in January 1972 at the age of 16 with Fritz Isenring. In 1983 at the age of 27, Ken founded Corfield’s Electrical Service, and has since successfully built both his reputation and quality of work standards to well above average to be one of the largest Electrical Contractors in the Central Queensland region.

Due to Ken’s commitment within the Electrical Industry, in 1998 he became the Gladstone delegate for the Electrical and Communications Association Queensland and in 2003 was elected as a Councillor. Ken remained in these positions until 2008.

Ken has a dedicated and proactive approach to adding value that positions him and his company with a reputation for going the extra mile. Ken prides himself on being responsive to the business requirements of clients to keep them ahead of their competition.

Constantly demonstrating that “quality comes first” in their sector, Ken constantly seeks new ways to increase customer service levels and has no preconceptions to how high the bar can be set. 

2013 – Graeme McCabe – RCR Resources

RCR Resources believes in generating exceptional shareholder value while delivering superior integrated engineering solutions to customers. Their aims are to provide a safe, rewarding work environment, to value intellectual capital, and create outstanding career opportunities for successful employees.

Graeme McCabe is embodies each of these values.

Graeme is a role model for “quality comes first” in the manufacturing sector. He is known for his work ethics and morals and has a strong focus on safety.

Graeme joined RCR Resources as Workshop Manager in 2007 and has contributed to the growth of the business in Gladstone.  

2012 - Steven Beale – MIPEC

Quality has always been a driver in all aspects of MIPEC's operations.

In 2004 Steve established MIPEC in 2004 on the basis at that time Gladstone had a shortage in marine vessels repair and fabrication.

Since inception, MIPEC has continued to grow expanding its breadth of interest to cover several areas including Fabrication and Construction, General contracting, Marine Operations, Technical Services, Industrial Blast and Painting, the MIPEC slipway and Project Services. 

Growing substainsally during 2010 - 2012 MIPEC now employ over 150 staff, and continue to use Gladstone companies as suppliers where possible.   

2011 – James Robertson – Bill Robertson Toyota

James’s father, Bill Robertson, bought the dealership when James was 3 months old. James grew up around the dealership and has worked in many roles including washing cars and mowing the lawn. After attending Gladstone State High School, James went to Brisbane and studied Law and Journalism at the University of Queensland. He graduated and spent a couple of years working as a Solicitor before returning to Gladstone to work in the dealership in 1998. James became Dealer Principal in 2005.

James is a proud local resident who is active in the community and believes in giving his customers quality and service.